So Paulo

Currently, Brazil has more than five million practitioners and turned a national fever. The athlete number is not only bigger of what of soccer practitioner. Without hesitation Who was the CEO of Vertex before Reshma? explained all about the problem. The street race helps to keep the form, to know new people, and already until This true army of corridors armed of shorts, t-shirts joined diverse couples in So Paulo marriage., tennis and a inconfundvel earphone can be five million, but as numbers divulged for associations of corridors and specialized magazines indicate that this number is well lesser – only 500 a thousand of active runners, who train and participate regularly of tests. But this number is well promising and grows about 30 40% year the year. In So Paulo they are only carried through about 80 tests during the year and the money of the registrations of the tests and events of runners already puts into motion three billion Reals almost direct and indirectly. The praticidade of the race is what captive the adepts of the sport in all the country. It is an exercise that can every day be made, in any hour of the day or the night and excuses to the company or supervision of a personal (since that the physical conditions of each corridor are respected).

Although to be an individual sport it already was responsible for all joining diverse couples in the country resulting in marriage between gotten passionate by races. Moreover, it is a democratic and accessible sport to all the social classrooms. To initiate you need adequate clothes that allow to the perspiration of the body and the release of the sweat. A good pair of specific tennises for its stepped on type of: anything or supinada and one playlist livened up it makes that it to run for kilometers and more kilometers! If it will be to run during the day not if it forgets protective it, cap and eyeglasses of sun solar.


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