Submission Of Alchemy

Alchemy is difficult to understand just because it is a science sacred. Philosophers who wanted to transfer to descendants basis of his teachings and the fruit of their labors, in every way keep themselves from vulgarization of his art, so that they could not abuse uninitiated. As a result, due to obstacles in the way it is perceived, because of its mystery and ambiguity and multiple allusions, our science has been pushed into the region of fantasies, illusions, and chimerical forms. Assume though the ancient alchemical books you can read how to read modern books, is to deceive oneself. But despite the first impression, unusual and often vague, these books captivate and attract. Philosophers there was no other way to hide from one another and impart their knowledge, but to resort to metaphors, symbols, mysterious terms, intricate wording that greedy and evil people are treated on their lad.Nesmotrya on warnings and solicitations of authors, these books are stubbornly proofreads ordinary common sense.

People are not aware that these texts are intended for the initiated, and for their adequate understanding requires a secret key, and to acquire it, requires the prior work. Keep in mind that we are dealing with esoteric science. No wonder then that so many wonderful chemists and philosophers strayed from the right path, has drawn in debate about science, learn the most basic concepts that they were not able to. If our scientists to understand the language of the ancient alchemists, they would have opened the practical laws of the teachings of Hermes and the Philosopher's Stone would have long since ceased to considered a myth. Hermetic philosophy teaches that the very substance at each other do not work, an active role in this case operates perfume substances.

It is they, perfumes, natural agents, cause in the depths of matter being observed changes. Need to understand that the ancient philosophers designated general and fairly vague term spirits. For alchemists, they correspond quite real, though from a physical point of view, almost intangible thin influence. Spirits affect susceptible to the action of a substance mysterious, inexplicable, incomprehensible, but effective manner. To get an idea of alchemy is useful to look at the work of the farmer or microbiologist, since working conditions are similar. Nature provides the peasant land and grain, a microbiologist – agar-agar and spores alchemist – the necessary metal soil and the corresponding seeds. If you are strictly complied with all conditions for sustained growth of specific alchemy of culture, a bountiful harvest will not take long.


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