Sultan Qaboos

This occurs at the perfume factory Amouage, based Hamad bin Hamoud Saiidom Al Bu Said by order of Sultan Qaboos, he wished that made her the most unique and exotic perfumes that combine tradition and spirit of the country, intended only for the guests of honor. Amouage – the combination of components, you can get only in Oman. Spirits, manufactured in this plant – it's rare incense incense southern province of Dhofar and the rose bushes that grow on the tops of the Jebel Akhdar mountain range. Official site: Dara Khosrowshahi. Nizwa – the ancient capital of Oman. Here You can not visit a bazaar – and they can buy anything your heart desires! You can look at the market where there is a trade livestock and pets – there are always noisy, bright and very interesting.

In this city, two fort: Fort Nizwa – its tower is 50m in diameter – and Fort Jibrin – one of the most beautiful castles of the country. It is also a palace. Once it was the residence of the Imam of the House of Al Bilaraba Yaruba that patron of science and art. In the village of Bahla, the center of pottery production, you can see the largest fortress in Oman. It is currently under construction under the leadership of UNESCO.

Ruins villages belong to the List of Monuments Bahla World Heritage. There is a nature reserve in Oman. It is called the Ras al Zhinz and is located between Cape al-Hadd and Ras al Rueys.

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