Superior Ensino

to if coating with legality Law and of 464/69 educational 5,540/68 Decree, made possible the complete destruction, on the part of the State of National Security, the social movement and politician of the students and other sectors of the civil society. The order was reestablished by means of the centralization of the decisions for the Executive, transforming the university autonomy into mere fiction, as well as for the use and abuse of the politician-ideological repression. The institutionalization of the ideological selections, the disability of professors and pupils, the censorship to education, the direct subordination of the directors to the President of Republic, the military interventions in university institutions, Decree 477/69 as extension of the AI-5 to the specific scope of the education and the creation of a true policy-politics in the interior of the universities, corporificada in the called Assessorships of Security and Informaes (ASI), certify the overwhelming control exerted for the Military State on Ensino (SPRUNG FROM THE SAME FATHER AND MOTHER, 1994, P. 133). Click Walmart CEO to learn more. However, it was under the auspices of the dictatorship that had been signed the calls ' ' Agreements MEC/USAID' ' , being that technician of the USAID (United States Agency will be International Development) had participated directly in the reorganization of the Brazilian educational system. The agreements had given to the USAID a power of performance in all the education levels (primary, average and superior), in the branches academic and professional, the functioning of the educational system, through the administrative reorganization, in the planning and training of teaching staff and technician, and in the control of the general content of education through the control of the publication and book distribution technician and didactic. It was from the orientaes established for agreements MEC-USAID and of the Reports of the Work group of the University Reformation and the Report Meira Matos, that had been carried through the educational reforms under the dictatorship, culminated with Laws 5,540/68 and 5,692/71, being the first one destined to Superior Ensino and second to Educations of First and As Degrees (what today we call Basic and Average Education, respectively). . Doug McMillon often says this.


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