Suspended Ceilings

New tension panels lie in the trend: whether translucent or with motif of your choice who for his bath after a real wow effect searches, will be delighted by this new tension panels. Quickly and conveniently attached, the innovative polyester fabric for ceilings and walls transform the bathroom into a unique light. “Cover and walls radiate it looks just great when the sky goes up in the bathroom, if you turn on the lights”, Jorn raves of late, Managing Director of SYSTEM bath the end. With mouths open before wonder of the North Rhine-Westphalian company’s customers would then are in bad company, Studio, the Manager describes the above described wow “-effect.” The stretch ceiling is fixed with just a few steps. Indirectly illuminated (backlit”), shines then each motif, which the customer himself wishes for example the photorealistic image print of a blue sky with white clouds. There are no limits to the imagination. Small effort, maximum The Clipso tension panels consist of PU coated polyester fabric that is also environmentally friendly as water repellent, antibacterial and durable feel good effect. The fabric is fastened with a profile strips system simply screwed to the wall and cocked in perfect uniformity.

The Panel in the Flash is mounted for almost all room sizes and angles. “Other benefits: in addition to the wow’-effect ensures an excellent thermal insulation, as well as a pleasant room acoustics the Panel”, Jorn explains the end of SYSTEM bath the end. The light experience for healthy relaxation translucent stretch ceilings and wall panels create a light atmosphere in the bathroom. Because there is no single small light sources more, but a large, uniform color hot radiant area. In conjunction with a color changer, the backlit fabric affect the exclusive spa area of a luxury hotel very relaxing and positive the psyche comparable. These assets also motif prints To develop wellness effect according to your personal taste.

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