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DEGERenergie Drives Forward

CSA/UL certification for TOPtraker systems granted Horb a.N., 26 March 2009 DEGERenergie, world market leader in the field of tracking systems for solar plants, another important step for entry into the US market did: now the uniaxial DEGERenergie TOPtraker systems … Continue reading

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No Blood For Oil

Users praise environmental consultancy offering of an electronic search companion in Dublin, Ireland, July 13, 2007 that the consumers on the information provided of earlier this year launched Internet portal top car angebote.com are reactions to judge quite positively by … Continue reading

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Low Power Reference Price Realize

Precise forecasting methods for the prediction of load distribution, production and price in the field of tension between power providers and end customers are increasingly gaining importance. Power supplies must be planned and ordered. A high lift is it essential … Continue reading

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Masai Mara

The large wheat fields back now closer to the reserve and constrict the Masai Mara with her thus strongly declining wild stocks more and more. To know more about this subject visit Nina Devlin. Probably the Northern Mara will have … Continue reading

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Biological Pest Control Out Of Control

American researchers search for clues to the mysterious disappearance of American silk moth with an experimental field study on unintended consequences of biological insect control succeeded American researchers, are the cause for the extinction of numerous species of butterflies on … Continue reading

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Road Leads Solar Promotion

It is being debated about the solar subsidies after photovoltaics had gained momentum, ensues a renewed discussion of the promotion of solar. But studies have shown that the development of renewable energy without the Sun makes no sense. Therefore, it … Continue reading

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Energy Group GmbH

Cheaper electricity by photovoltaic systems a summer fairytale came true on July 16, 2011. Solar power had briefly break the purchase prices on the spot market of Leipzig power exchange. The purchase price halved and fell to 2.5 cents per … Continue reading

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Fraunhofer Institute ISE

Solar subsidies renewed discussions about the topic now renewable energy flow more kilowatt hours than the remaining nuclear power plants about 20 percent by German power grids last year produced. The solar power contributed 18 billion kilowatt hours and is … Continue reading

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Solar Power Compensation

New solar power compensation from 9th March 2012 possible record high in the past year a lower case now follows. March 9, 2012 would decide the future of photovoltaics in Germany. On this day, the new draft law on the … Continue reading

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Germany Trubadu

Heating with the power of the Sun – Solar air collectors themselves build currently on the market available solar air collectors are still very expensive relative to the collector. So are the payback periods in the range of 15-20 years. … Continue reading

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