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Harvest Moon Series

Farm Simulator for Nintendo DS in 1996 came the first part of the farm and garden game series harvest moon”on the market, well before the current boom of this genre. The new game frantic farming”is the 16th game in the … Continue reading

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The Fascination Of MMORPG And Online Games

MMORPG have become more and more popular, but what is the appeal of the online game? Online games enjoy at the time of a huge popularity. In addition to the browser, the so-called MMORPG include s the most played games … Continue reading

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SPIL GAMES On The Way To The Tip

Now second largest online games provider is SPIL GAMES Hilversum worldwide, 100 million unique visitors per month registered 11 November 2008 circular SPIL GAMES after internal tracking data from Google Analytics. The provider for online games according to comScore Media … Continue reading

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MMO Players

It is noteworthy that each of the nations reflects a certain degree of strategy that would keep the player. In particular, the Romans are ideal for experienced players, while the Gauls in more people and security are an excellent choice … Continue reading

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Economic Development

Miracle Farm – an entertaining game on the economy, for the Russian Donald Trump and Rockefeller! Friends suggested a new toy called the Miracle Farm. So, what is it? As developers say – it's all action with potential Economic Development, … Continue reading

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Construction Gamers

Free2Play games developers adapt business models to casual gamers prefer Free2Play games. The possibility to be able to play for free is to play for just under half of the casual gamers the main reason. Fun and variety are subordinated. … Continue reading

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The fluency in English increases our professional security and makes us more competitive to enable expanding our employment opportunities to international clients. Believe me, sooner or later in the life of a freelancer, the dominance of English represents the difference … Continue reading