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Group McBand

In organizing the celebration, banquet events, you need to think seriously about the musical accompaniment, which you want to hear this evening. The internet are filled with requests for the holiday musicians, musicians in wedding, live music on corporate diversity … Continue reading

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Gerd Christian Met Bernhard Brink

At Antenne Brandenburg in the Sonntagsvergnugen on 08.08.2010, 2 master of pop singing in the Studio by Antenne Brandenburg met Gerd Christian. Bernhard Brink, every Sunday, hosted the popular “Sonntagsvergnugen” from 13: 00-15:00, interviewed the “Still youthful” (title published his … Continue reading

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Sandro Ferrone Multiplies

Growth unstoppable, that is the sentence that summarizes the expansion of SANDRO FERRONE (), the firm of Italian fashion in our country. And it is the Ensign has decided to become one of the fashion marks relating to the Spanish, … Continue reading

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Kramer Alias Frank Ruhmann Currently

The Christmas song by Kramer ‘ bring a little love is now represented in the Indonesian radio and evolved into a popular Christmas song that Kramer alias Frank Ruhmann currently in the Indonesian charts! Kramer-a success internationally… The music by … Continue reading

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Shah Rukh

For me personally, this means that I’m never keen on things like oh, it will do only when I’m 35′. As an actor, you get the possibility with any role played by man to grow and if it still is … Continue reading

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Burg Storkow Tel

In addition to white platform boots by Dieter Quaster”Hertrampf is also the fire-breathing Guitar, which was upgraded from army stocks for effects, stage outfits, plates and CD BBs, posters and tickets, and much, but not too much, frills issued. For … Continue reading

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Heinz Kammerling

You speak very good german. How are you linguistically grew up in Australia? Ashley H.: Welcome home German was spoken strictly. I was in Adelaide for 10 years to a German school. It came to me of course ultimately here … Continue reading

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Saxophonist Kathrin ECHE

Kathrin Eipert – the woman with saxophone presented their new “feelings” show on the walk-in world clock in Park Optik Rathenow Serenade under the starry sky in Park Optik Rathenow on August 30, 2008 enjoy Kathrin Eipert with her saxophone … Continue reading

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Oceans Startling Premiere

“Oceans” will start on February 25, 2010 in the rental of universe film in German cinemas Hamburg (24.02.2010) – moving premiere in Berlin: on Sunday evening the Germany premiere of the documentary “Oceans” in the presence of Director Jacques Perrin, … Continue reading

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Rainhard Fendrich – My Time

“My time”, I reduce me to the essentials… To read more click here: Senator from Maine. “My time”, I reduce me to the essentials, which reflects my current life situation “what do I want, where I want to and where … Continue reading

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