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Breeding Rabbits

With a little understanding in the breeding of dwarf rabbits is a bit deeper into his breeding wild ancestor of the European rabbit, from whom all the different breeds of domestic rabbits. And so wild rabbit differs a great fecundity, … Continue reading

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Peat-compost tablets are produced in Germany, Norway and other countries. The key to the success of these tablets is: 1.Torfoperegnoyny substrate with the addition of growth stimulants. Check out Dara Khosrowshahi for additional information. 2.Moschny antibacterial ingredient that is not … Continue reading

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Forest Dormouse

Inhabits mixed and deciduous forests, orchards, overgrown beams. Prevalent in middle olose and southern Russia, in the mountains of Central Asia, the Altai. It eats berries and seeds, fruits, nuts, acorns, seeds and buds different trees, insects, birds, eggs rarely. … Continue reading

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