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Same Parents

Now I'm not going to talk to you. But dad would come home, what did he say? ". Chesapeake Energy can provide more clarity in the matter. And so it goes in the same spirit. First child understands the rules … Continue reading

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Price Equivalence

What is the cost, and how it formed? Generally, if very briefly, the problem is solved quite simply. All markets at all times in its development of new and vibrational returns to equilibrium when the demand for goods is balanced … Continue reading

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For example, in hunting, pastoral tribes, ie, the tribes, where the staple food made by men who exploit women defined by matriarchy distribution of products in an unequal labor contribution of women and men in their production. It is in … Continue reading

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The Same

As they can be observed throughout the history of the humanity, many had been to the conquests, constructions, desconstrues and reconstructions front to the changes and necessities of if breaking paradigms as, for example, the model of family, the form … Continue reading


American Psychologist Willard Harley

According to the American Psychologist Willard Harley married life depends on the basic needs of both men and women. If any one of these needs is not being recognized, a marriage can provide crack. What are these needs? For women … Continue reading

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