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Appearance Flooring

Parquet or laminate? That lay in the apartment? Each of these options has the right to life. But it should be taken into account in the first place that the laminate is a Nonrecoverable coating, but it is easy to … Continue reading

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The Coolant

Pipes will then be visible only in the places of their accession to the batteries. If the piping is made of copper pipes – it can not hide. Noble patina copper looks quite aesthetically pleasing. If, in addition to the … Continue reading

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Concrete Vermiculite

Thermal conductivity of some materials Exfoliated vermiculite 0.04 – 0.062 W / mK Basalt canvas 0.04 – 0.062 W / mK expanded clay gravel 0.12 W / mK asbestos-cement slab 0,13 W / mK Foam 0 14 – 0.18 W … Continue reading

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