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Leather Gloves

It has many types of gloves, each one of them produced for a different intention and made from different materials. The gloves protect the external hands of the user against one or more factors, as chemical temperature (high or low), … Continue reading


Old Greece

In relation to these data Robert Borges Martins makes the following comment: the observed differentials are preoccupying, therefore, if they will not be quickly reverted, certainly they will consist in plus a powerful mechanism of generation of other inaqualities and … Continue reading


TEA Pupils

Increased to the TEA the tutor if it makes necessary to the empatia and the perception and the attention to also take care of to all in pro-active way surpassing the expectations the proper ones. The pro-activity allows the tutor … Continue reading



In this model if it has a more necessary daily pay-definition of the oramentao, if it obtains esteem the involved 0 variable and costs. The agile model has as main characteristic flexibility and constant ainterao between the customer and the … Continue reading


Inertia Aircraft

Transportation problem (the problem of freight and passengers from one side of the planet to another) before humanity becomes every year more acute. Suffice it to mention usual traffic jams. Known technical solution is the distribution of traffic is not … Continue reading

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Conservation Unit

Concentration in the main condensate was 0.64 mg / liter. Concentration in the condensate from the deaerator was 0.28 mg / liter. Net compartment 0.83 mg / l salty bay 0.24 mg / l in 12chas.00min 18/02/06. For even more … Continue reading

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Twist Fiber

Can we say the same about the future of the mass of fibers? A few years ago led to talk about himself spandex fiber, are of great interest to general consumers. Its main advantage – a very large elasticity. Spandex … Continue reading

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Double Cheese And Wine

From the time of yesteryear the combination of wine and cheese to been essential on tables in different parts of the world. For culture and tradition are known as loyal companions for many years. In this brief article we will … Continue reading

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Yahoo Marketing

The search marketing is the use of the sites of search to promote its company, business, product through its good positioning in the pages of results. The search in these sites as the Google, Yahoo, Bing, starts with a word/phrase … Continue reading


Cosmetics Marketing

To develop a good business of marketing, it is necessary to very get products of good quality, that take care of to all the necessities of the white market, and that also they are of great search. Accurately therefore it … Continue reading