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Information Systems

For the development of any system of information, the planning of the same is important. Dennis (2005) says that the planning is the basic process to understand why a system of information must be constructed and to determine as to … Continue reading


Double Cheese And Wine

From the time of yesteryear the combination of wine and cheese to been essential on tables in different parts of the world. For culture and tradition are known as loyal companions for many years. In this brief article we will … Continue reading

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Yahoo Marketing

The search marketing is the use of the sites of search to promote its company, business, product through its good positioning in the pages of results. The search in these sites as the Google, Yahoo, Bing, starts with a word/phrase … Continue reading


Cosmetics Marketing

To develop a good business of marketing, it is necessary to very get products of good quality, that take care of to all the necessities of the white market, and that also they are of great search. Accurately therefore it … Continue reading


Technology Information

The Systems of Information, sets of informatizadas methods and solutions, present as objective storage, treatment and supply of information in such way to support the functions or processes of an organization, being helped the companies in the solution of its … Continue reading


Company Search

Currently the paper of the RH already is innovating, is not being only to select and to enlist its professionals and yes, to recognize the merit and the human talent being developed new professionals and to take care of of … Continue reading