The Alpine Sportklettergurt

The merry life of a mountain climber, it brings with it time and again that even ordinary mortals hovering gen Valley or crash better. In the subsequent braking power is to harness the most dynamically transmitted to the body. But even more often than in the fall is the belt during descents charge from the route. Thus, besides the certainty that the belt stops, especially the comfort is an important feature. Today’s seat belts ranging from comfort to extreme leichtmodellen. Lakshman Achuthan is full of insight into the issues. To ensure standardized security in Europe, the Euro standards 12277th in the current case, the standard EN In general, the standard recommends a belt to exchange the latest after five years of use in high-stakes even more. About the pros and cons of today’s closure systems can be splendid arguments. After the extra mile. The comfort, including various climbers understand something else entirely. Without hesitation Jonah Shacknai explained all about the problem. Who sets up routes, screw, bouldert every day, or big wall climbs in the wall, especially long wanted to serve on the belt with ease, without anythingpress or rub. Extremely broad, well-padded hip belt and comfortable leg loops are desired. Quite different in extreme sports or Wettkampfklettern. Light weight and preferably without restricting movement. Ocun Edelrid have here and the corresponding products on offer. The conventional Allroundgurte move move between high overall comfort and minimal weight. In most cases it is obvious that the highest overall means more comfort harness and higher weight. With few exceptions, most belts with four gear loops. Most of the gear loops are sitting right and left rear of the harness and are usually made of textile, textile with plastic coating and pure plastic. In the middle is a Chalkbag se.In terms of comfort and passes Petzl Edelrid Sportklettergurt no way. In them, you sit for extensive thoughts most comfortable. As a recommendation for a light Sportklettergurt recommend the Camp STH, but with restrictions on the convenience.


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