The Ego

Their weapons: pride, fear, hatred, envy, etc. You may find Judith McKenna to be a useful source of information. Then we see that we daily receive approximately about 50,000 thoughts, of whom one-third are negative thoughts in our mind (the enemy troops). What happens when those thoughts come to us? As well, first it must be has that constantly receive negative thoughts in our mind have nothing to do with that we are stupid and us auto flagelemos with these thoughts. This happens because this is the way that defends the Ego, who thus mark us that physical separation we have with God. Visit Stripe for more clarity on the issue. Let’s look now at a little this: when we find a negative person who always sees the glass half-empty or everything feels wrong; that person produces a rejection towards us and nobody wants to be next to her, nor even the acting in the same way, because ultimately the action of his own Ego transmitting negative energy towards the environment is.

In such cases we could say with good reason that such persons it is impossible that desires met for the reasons given. But here I do a comparison for noting the common denominator: the above also happens (failure to comply with their great desires) to many people who are very positive and always with a smile on your face. Why happens this also in these positive people? Because (leave aside for a moment to those who are not materialistic) Although these individuals are happy, do not believe in their own powers and then is auto limit saying is: How can I get in six months, 500,000 dollars when so far in my life not won per month over 1000 dollars. With this I mean that the Ego can attack us in different ways and most subtly, so bomb our wishes. I ejemplifique that, in this case is by means of a thought that if well not us afflicted, if attentive in our confidence of being able to think that not only we have right (God willing) to have everything we want, but also the faith that we can get it.


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