The Evolution

For this reason, the living evolution is a trend in the evolution of the universal expansion. The stars maintained their stellar evolution even after his death like stars, which in the form of black holes evolve until its total disappearance, as wanting to be evolutionarily hide inside these black holes. Stars that were born to them who die, and infinitely more are many more which are maintained in full evolution, because the time between that are born and die stars is enormously significant. The stars are born breaks occur in the weakest points stretch of the expansive blanket that continues to expand and stretch continuously evolutionarily. This causes an evolutionary hole of immense heat in every break that evolutionarily would grow in volume and heat saturated concentration heat to form a star. And as wanting to be weld those holes, they evolve in volume and heat.

So grow evolutionarily those holes, until reaching its evolutionary boundaries and become stars. Which produce large evolutionary new spaces that will inevitably widen evolutionarily to the universe; It will widen even more, infinitely more, counting on the large number of stars that swarm in the universe and which are continually born are many more than those who are dying. 9. Tiny EVOLUTIONARY inadequacy that tiny evolutionary maladaptive, inevitably induced the universal unsuitability, was the equivalent to a negligible repulsive maladaptive evolutionary. That evolutionary repulsive way of repelling against the existence, against supposedly adapted, this tiny evolutionary inadequacy was evolving without ceasing; also induced induction of the universal unsuitability. This tiny evolutionary inadequacy, by his constant repulsion against the adaptation of the existence, needed to constantly adapt to the existence of our planet because it had properly emerged on our planet as an inevitable tiny maladaptive evolutionary, orderly and induced evolutionary expansively, which prevented him from leaving our planet. But to the not be able to adapt to the existence of our planet, by suffering a constant unsuitability, was obliged to be transformed, to evolve continually induced by evolutionary induction of the expansion.


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