The Israeli King Ahab

So-called Prophet, is felt in the Judaerstaat before the exile”called to announce the will of God. The caused already in previous Time chaos. It was announced way too much in the name of God, and the number of the prophets was way too big. The Israeli King Ahab had gathered all the prophets of the country in the face of an imminent armed conflict with Syria. He wanted himself to be second-guessing the war outcome. And now there are four hundred (!) Prophets who had got up.(1.Konige 22.6) The meeting on a free space outside the city gate of Samaria had to take place because of the large crowd.

You can imagine, that a jumble of four hundred prophets in the State brought an ecstatic enthusiasm no right result and showed little of a God. Prophets as spokesman of God could become a problem for the theocracy. The priests of the Judeans preferring to abandon for the time after the exile prophets as the mouthpiece of God. Earlier, the Prophet took no angels. They came to their self-image on behalf of God.

Angels needed no more prophets after the exile. Now they proclaim God’s will. The speeches Angels the later New Testament age picks up and it developed. A particularly intense decoration learned the after exilische notion of Angel in the so-called apocalyptic literature”between 200 BC and 200 ad, as this literary genre widely used was. A new embossing get the idea of angels in the New Testament – the absurd which has concept of God in Christianity, God in Jesus Christ sent his son. Thus, the notion of Angel which corresponded to the former spirit of the times, is actually outdated. God comes in a fundamentally new way in the human world. The New Testament writers, however, could not dissolve so quickly by an Angel ideology. It corresponded to the spirit of the times too much.

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