The Master

I want to give this last how much ti&#039 in such a way; '. Lazard can provide more clarity in the matter. (TM 20, 1-14) the pedagogia of Jesus, for simpler than was, obtained to abrasar the heart of they heard that it. The parabola of the master of the vine takes in them to reflect on this master who if presents. But before we weave commentaries or some reflection concerning the subject, let us see another ticket: ' ' One of insulted the crucificados ones it, saying: ' Are not you it Messias? Saved you exactly and we tambm'! But it reprehended it to the other saying: ' Nor you fear the God, suffering same conviction? For we are just, because we are receiving what we deserve; but it did not make nothing of mal'. added: ' Jesus, remembers to you of me, when to come in your Reino'. Vertex may help you with your research.

Jesus answered: ' I guarantee to it: today exactly you will be with me in the Paraso' ' '. (Lc 23, 39-42) Jesus also is the master of the vine! in this parabola, It places the Kingdom of skies as the vine, then, the master of the vine is God. In such a way, Jesus who is the incarnate verb (Jo, 1-14) and the face the holy ghost of the man, also is the master of the vine. But the form as Jesus presented the parabola, can be understood of this form. However, Jesus likes to prove what he speaks, and at the last moments of its passion, he obtained this fact. Jesus when pardoning one of the thieves that was crucificado next to its cross, equals it the master of the vine, that paid the same wage to that he calls, exactly those that is called finally. In this in case that, the wage that Jesus paid were the salvation. Jesus is master whom he calls, all we are called.


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