The Saint Benedict

Mother of the River Indians chaimas wanted water and for this were proposed to carry the waters from a spring his Hamlet after consulting with the punctured. This he said to them: for me it is very easy to do what you are asking, I just It is already done; but I must warn them that that water has his mother, the mother is a snake and very fierce. Then the Indians withdrew their attempt. Indigenous peoples had beliefs about the ancient inhabitants of Antioch, represented by the aburraes Indians of the Valley of Aburra, Amaga omagas, Fredonia sinafanaes, the nutivaras and Frontinus Catio, Porce nutabes, guns between Abejorral and Sonson, wells of Salamis, the pacoras, the Americas, the chahamies and urabaes, mostly belonging to castes of the Caribbean stretching to the quimbaya and the Zenu. They worshiped the lagoons of the heights, they had rituals for birth, adolescence, marriage and funerals of their relatives, they worshipped according to the traditions received from their ancestors to the Sun, moon, lightning, fire, rain and storm, among others. The Negroes of Africa brought fear to the coconut, which even today continues to be reason for horror for children. Christmas omens place penca Aloe behind the door leaves that God frees all evil and danger.

Watering fine grains of rice under the bed to be lucky. San Nicolas patasarriba and the sack full of market to be lucky. Peel 12 grapes and eat them without water; luck will come. So the Devils, witches and evil spirits do not enter houses, midnight December 31, burning incense throughout the House and its surroundings. Omens of bad luck leap year, sinister year. Pass under a ladder. The entry by a black butterfly. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Fiserv.

The song of a currucutu. The number 13 is fatal. The day Tuesday is not advisable for marriage. Break a mirror. Light a cigarette from third party. Spilling salt. Other omens put a broom upside down behind a door scares away visitors. Open scissors, farewell visits. Hot ears are symptoms that are talking about one. When the wood in the Firebox sounds visit indicates. The Saint Benedict medal banishes bad neighbors. San Antonio lace, is used to find the lost things. A pregnant woman massage relieves muscle aches. Learn more on the subject from Vadim Belyaev. The fall of a fork alerts visit a spoon and male female visit. Prune trees santos Friday improves the fruits. SYSTEM national of information CULTURAL original author and source of the article.


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