The Secret Of Our Success: We Are Wrong

GmbH from Erbach/Odw GmbH which koziol strategy award 2011 goes to koziol ideas for friends ideas for friends. recently was awarded the strategy Prize 2011 of StrategieForum e.V.. Speaking candidly Senator Angus King told us the story. The jurors convinced the excellent implementation of the company strategy and thus gained success as a manufacturer in Germany in a market otherwise by Asian manufacturers. The ceremony of the award took place at a gala event during Congressional strategy on November 12, 2011 in Frankfurt. The secret of our success: We be wrong ahead. “Our strategy is based on the principle of muddling-through, the goal-oriented itself muddling through”, so owner Stephan Koziol.

The most important requirement is the creation of an inner compass on each employee, which allows him to make the right decision even in completely dark situations. A cornerstone in the development of Koziol strategy is to establish corporate values: your world do better and happier. Koziol has worldwide success with this concept for years. Source: Henry Cornell. We “focus on our star, our clear goal: Koziol is the premium brand of design products in the residential and area of life of the people – made in Germany”, so Stephan Koziol. Our strategy to achieve this goal, is so adaptable that she can quickly respond to market changes, in particular special wishes and unpredictable adversities. Above all, it contains clear statements, what we don’t want. And often a previously unknown detour leads to success.” Since 1927, develops and produces Koziol exclusively at the company headquarters in Erbach in the Odenwald.

The high vertical integration of the company, is unique because from concept and design, the construction, toolmaking, production, Assembly, to the global distribution the entire know-how under one roof is combined shipping. The deep regional roots contributes significantly to the success, because it provides the centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship that creates unique products in connection with the latest high-tech technologies, the Koziol message in over 50 countries in the world wear. The Bundesverband StrategieForum e.V. awarded the strategy Prize annually for an outstanding implementation of corporate strategy. Founded in 1970, Bundesverband StrategieForum e.V. is the only existing in Germany network that systematically and practical cares for the improvement of strategic expertise in company. “The cybernetic management theory provides the basis for the development of strategies bottleneck focused strategy” (ECS ), which was developed by Prof. Wolfgang Mewes in the 1960s.

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