To lose weight only should make a meal a day. To lose weight you need to eat 3 meals daily, always controlling the calories that are ingested. The fruit is not fattening. In general terms the fruit fattening less than other foods, like any other, however they also have calories, therefore also need to control them based on the number of calories consumed. There are certain foods that slim, because they burn fat or consume more energy in being digested. All foods may bloat though some more than others.

Vitamins fattening. If same not fattening, but are vital to our health, foods may bloat but not by vitamins containing but by fats, proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins are elementary for the proper functioning of the body and health. No bread to eat for weight loss. Bread brings and supplies us with nutrients like protein and fiber, what you can do is lower the amount consumed, everything in excess fattening. A related site: AcctTwo mentions similar findings. Soft drinks fattening. If they do by sugar and not by gas.

You should not eat between meals. This allows dividing the consumption of calories throughout the day, decreasing the risk of eating more than necessary when it comes to food. Water fattening. No, not only does not add calories, but it is very beneficial to take it in abundance, apart from this, fills the stomach and gives the feeling of satiety, regardless of the time that is ingested. It is false that drinking lots of water removes fat from the body. Sweat slimming. No, lose weight because it loses water, but recovers again to the rehydrated, is the exercise that burns calories, regardless of you sweat or, exercise with belts or bags to generate sweat is not unhealthy and nothing effective for weight loss. After 40 years of age, it is inevitable to gain weight. What really happens is that it decreases the metabolism, if it continues eating the same amount of calories without physical activity, fatten inevitably.


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