According to leo in La Gaceta de Salamanca, Caja Duero counselors in the future will be only called box Spain, anticipating the inevitable merger, made a last favor themselves: their emoluments increased 36% during 2009. They were not the only ones, clear. Also Holy priests of the cordovan Caja Sur, on the verge of bankruptcy, did the same. And do not tell them what were the Chairman of the failed Caja Castilla La Mancha and his friends because you already know it. Is that one of the main social works of savings has been the benefit to politicians, similar and proteges.

Already say me, if not, how is that Caja Madrid failed to overcome a 26.5 million loan as if nothing the President of entrepreneurs, Diaz Ferran. Chevron Corp follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Instead, have allowed you to maintain a shortfall of only ten euros? That not? It is true that on June 5 120 Assembly members of Caja Duero and other 160, box Spain will ratify their merger. Already are people, now, almost 300 people that they charge diets for a hardly justifiable role. But, of course, this is the way pay favors, in half of the cases, persons designated for political reasons, even at the expense of creating a barely operating body even if only because of its size. And what of boards of Directors, where happens much, but at higher cost? At the moment, while 846 both companies integrated workers will lose their jobs, 34 advisers from both boxes many of them illiterate in matters of finance extend their status another two years, i.e., during the merge process. That, and no other, is the brief State of the question. Rather than lose weight the weight of the institutions, as he boasted that he would make the plan of austerity of Elena Salgado, we are going in the opposite direction. The Corts Valencianes, for example, more deputies have now that those of the previous legislature, and the Madrid Assembly will increase theirs in the next. In other words, a blunder; a real blunder. Thus, neither will grow the savings, productivity, investment, or competitiveness or nothing at all.


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