This is the second and final part dedicated to the presentation of the most commonly used methods of memorization. At the first installment of 9 ways to memorize for any review, the simpler systems were introduced. On this occasion, the most complex and powerful. 4. Roman room in this case need to have in mind a room, stay or room that you know very well.

What you do is to associate each object to remember with objects that are inside the room. For the example we are using (computer, clock, beach, underwater, Leon, bottle, Eagle, camera photos, poster, book), if the room you have chosen is the living room of your House, you could associate computer to lamp, ceiling, mantel clock, sofa Beach, this method allows you to store one larger amount of objects than simple systems (see 9 ways to memorize for any review) although without order. 5 Travel or Loci associate objects to memorize with the characteristic points or milestones (Loci) of a journey (journey) that you know very well. Loci comes from latin and means places. You need to identify a route known by you (the journey from home to the Academy, to work, to College, to the gym,) and milestones in this journey. For example, the exit door of your House (number 1 position), (position 2) bus stop, the mouth of metro (position 3), the traffic light of the corner (4), and what you do to remember the list of objects that you want to memorize is to bind each milestone within the route that you know with the object to be memorized.

I.e., exit door (1) linked to computer House, stop of bus (2) Watch, the list can be long, so much as landmarks to remember it. 6 Palace of memory is a combination of the previous two (Roman room and Loci). You choose a building that you know very well (your House, block of flats where you live, your faculty building in) the University, your secondary school,); within building, rooms, halls, corridors have and within each cabin, objects that have.


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