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For its very nature, email marketing is highly targeted, and the more targeted your ad you do through self-responders, the better for you in the long term. Remember, you are not going to do much business trying to sell auto parts to people who signed up to send them information on how to care for dogs at home. Have you ever thought about using other people's journals or lists to promote your auto responders? In fact, there are a lot of newsletters and ezines and lists currently available. The advantage to advertise your auto responders in the lists of other people is that you know in advance what kind of audience they are. There are magazines for all kinds of topics, so you can go to an almost infinite number of niche markets. Whether you use a sponsored ad, a single, or classified, a free offering 'valuable' become more than just a sales page.

Remember that your goal here is to grow your list so that you can then send promotional offers. It's really simple. Look for those electronic journals or lists that target people that fit the market you need. Check online directories, magazines or buy a list on a reliable site. Alternatively you can perform a little research and find Web sites that publish ezines (or maintain lists) where you can buy ads, or writing articles, send press releases or buy items from e-mail announcements. Just be sure to include your e-mail link your car responders or the URL of your form in the content or the signature at the bottom of the letter.


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