VIVACON AG – WKN 604891 – Still Interesting

The analysts of the tradersreport would build a first speculative Tradingposition in the shares of Vivacon . Real estate shares not just among the Favorites on the stock exchanges. In recent weeks, many stocks of various real estate companies have suffered extremely. Worry about the rollover of existing loans in the banking led to the wrong exchange losses. Doubts about the future development of the real estate market in Germany is joined to. Block sales were slow, carrier buildings had to be moved because investors wanted to make easy money and countless other pessimistic rumors and speculation caused by the financial crisis.

One of these hard-hit companies was the VIVACON AG. The shares below the 2.00 brand sent a poor coverage in several major newspapers. It has been speculated that the company was bankrupt and the refinancing is more than questionable. Our real estate analysts deal several months with the company and can only object to these rumors. On the contrary, is the company through the heritage building contract with a very high cash flow. This should enable it to be able to complete the credit negotiations as quickly as possible and in favor of VIVACON AG. The company has very good and profitable properties in excellent locations. The large scattering and diversification of real estate portfolio built on risk and high yields.

We see a fundamental fair value of VIVACON AG shares at 3.50 in term of three to six months. The shares have generated several positive technical signals on Wednesday. Under high trading volume, the shares could leave the consolidation area at 1.80. The medium-term downtrend could also be broken. A significance is although still not to be seen, but a start has been made. The 38 days moving average is been breached on a closing basis from bottom to top.

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