Wood Use

Firewood as fuel, known to mankind since time immemorial. With the wood our ancestors began to control the fire. And now, in the era of atomic energy, firewood, have not lost their relevance. There are many more villages are even close to Moscow, his home heated by wood, because not everyone has the means and opportunity to equip your home to other fuel. While that is there to say about the many wooden houses, many beautiful mansions is also in need of firewood, so it is now very popular to have a house fire. In addition to ease of production and obtaining from them the heat, there is the sea of other valuable advantages.

Firewood is bystrovozobnovlyaemym source of energy. As on-site cutting plant new trees, then the right of their consumption, their stocks will never end. Wood – the most environmentally friendly form of thermal energy. For example, when burned wood of birch, not harmful effect on the atmosphere, but instead only use and cleansing of the respiratory tract. Why not say, for example, oil or coal. A large variety of wood used for firewood, provides plenty of options use. Starting with the commonplace use of firewood, medicinal bath, finishing with birch wood, or just for cooking. Tree species differ in: heat transfer, density of smoke, the rate of kindling, the presence of sparks and aroma. That scent of wood gives a rich potential for cooking. The aroma of wood helps add to the usual taste pleasant shades or to express the natural taste of food.


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