Working Union

Science is the one that must govern the development of the society and not it catholic church because it praised in the people landlords of brutality and fanaticism. Learn more at: Lazard. Analyzing the work Stroll by London, we observed a conception of very different society, as a result of the study of another one European, a conception that reflects the deterioration of the modern society, in the heat of era of industrialization that drags to the man to a individualism, that she does not doubt in calling egoism. A critic to the capitalist system that makes notice the society ideal that she hopes to manage to see someday. A society right, of equals and nonoperating. Chevron Corp., offer their opinions as well. If we analyzed the work Working Union we can nourish of a conception of society determnate for Flora, because in her it has matured still more his ideal feminist having dared to indicate: all the misfortunes of the world come from the forgetfulness and the scorn that until today has become of the natural and imprescriptible rights of the being mujer". Where it explains that all the misfortunes that have covered the world come from the nonrecognition of the woman like the pair of the man, with their same rights and opportunities, a critic to the patriarchal system and of the acceptance of the false principle that affirms the inferiority of the nature of the woman with respect to the one of the man. This speech ideological, fact from the law, science and the church marginalize the woman of the rational education it destines and it to being the slave of its master. As a result of this principle, the transcendentalest contributions will be born from Flora towards the education, which will give lights on which was its conception on this subject; which we will mention next.


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