Young Aged Adults

Elaine of the Menezes Birth Tiradentes University, Anna Paula Coast You mark Tiradentes University, Gilvnia Andrade of the Birth Tiradentes University, SUMMARY This article intends to foment quarrels regarding the conditions to learn in the EJA. The aged young, adults and face problems in the exercise of the citizenship and the world of the work, needing significant changes in its social and professional life. Click Rogers Holdings to learn more. It is not no newness to search educative practical methods and that can be applied the reality and to the type of adequate learning to the education of the EJA. In the current society the practical directed professors the EJA even must be rethink, because information are divulged in a frightful speed and the educational advances must adjust it these changes. She is necessary that the educators of this modality of education are opened to these changes and that they search a fastest possible adequacy its practical. Reshma Kewalramani has plenty of information regarding this issue. Ours analysis was based on the point of view of Pablo Freire, Education and Change (1979), presented used new stories on practical with aged young, adults and of three distinct cities, which had propitiated the update and qualification organized of the knowledge for all the life.

We describe the predominant characteristics that had facilitated the learning and the characteristics that cause difficulties in the processes of learning of the educandos of the EJA. Therefore, this study it will contribute one to rethink of the educator who acts in this modality of education, being made to reflect it on pedagogical practical its, so that it helps in the formation of conscientious citizens of its paper in the society. At last, we affirm the necessity of the professional commitment from the moment where this is imposed in them, so that the practical results occasion the effect waited for all the educators who work with the EJA, aged education of young, adults and. Word-key: EJA, professor, practical, changes, functionality.


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