ASTRE And TimoCom Go Common Ways!

Through close cooperation in the transport market of Dusseldorf, 2010.05.26 ASTRE (Association des Transporteurs of Europeens), the largest European Federation of medium-sized freight forwarders based in France as well as TimoCom, Europe’s market leader in the field of freight and cargo exchanges, in the future cooperate synergy effects. A corresponding agreement was signed on 2010-05-18. ASTRE has become known through this collaboration clear to its European orientation and is convinced to be able to expand the international activities with this step further. As a strong community, ASTRE has existed since 1992 and has grown rapidly across Europe. The cooperation is today 160 companies and medium-sized, owner-run trucking companies and freight forwarders from several European countries at 290 sites. The core business of the 14,500 members includes the transportation of part and full truck loads, as well as smaller shipments.

ASTRE has furthermore PALET SYSTEM, about the own cargo network What is cooperating again with ONLINE system logistics. Advantages of the partnership thanks the international nature of the cargo and freight exchange TC TimoCom truck & cargo, is for the ASTRE network, as well as for its members an interesting and promising partner. Both benefit each of the internationality and market experience of the others. ASTRE looking to expand their strategic developments in the far more South-oriented target countries in Europe now in the northern countries. Federation members receive special rates through the cooperation with TimoCom. Jean-Claude Pla, President of ASTRE to: As the largest Transport Association of France and Europe we wanted to cooperate with a major international freight exchange operators.

Therefore we have spoken out specifically for TimoCom. In the hectic daily routine disposition, use the Exchange is not only makes, but also saves money. Our cooperation members benefit from the many, tested offers in the cargo and freight exchange TC Truck & cargo. You can utilize their capacities here quickly and efficiently. Especially the security package TC secure of TimoCom convinced us.” Overall, daily up to 230,000 international freight and cargo space offers from 75,000 approved users from all over Europe are offered in the Exchange. TimoCom, however, sees the opportunities in its strong presence in the French market and the chance to win more new customers. Marcel Frings, Chief Representative at TimoCom to this topic: First and foremost, of course, the cooperation members through the use of our Exchange benefit, but also the large number of members of ASTRE will support us in the further development of our company. We are so successful in the French market. “Ultimately, it is a win-win-win situation for all parties involved: each individual Member benefits, ASTRE, and also TimoCom.” You will find more information about TimoCom and ASTRE under or. Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Manager corporate Communication Tim Muke in the Steele 2 DE-40599 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 211 88 26 69 13 fax: + 49 211 88 26 59 13 E-mail:

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