Citizens Property Insurance

In the State of Florida is increasingly expensive and the worst place to live is the beautiful city of Miami. In September I will join, much to my regret, the silent, steady exodus that is occurring to other states. I decided when he signed the law that allows property insurers their rates rise continuously over the next 5 years. Floridians should oppose it. Click Fiserv for additional related pages. Here is a sample letter to the Governor.If all Florida residents, owners or not, I send this letter each month and be activists with all your contacts, you may have to reconsider the measure. With this law, the income increase, there will be more foreclosures and further deepen the crisis in the housing market. If you live in Florida to send your monthly letter to repeal the law that the postman will flood the offices of the Governor. If you know someone who lives here, send the information. If we find a lot of effort to send a letter, they will suffer.Florida Suerte! An easier version to copy and paste you can get in Facebook Group. This model is courtesy of Platinum Properties International and, the best websites for free to buy, sell or rent a property. Form Letter: Date: Charlie Crist Florida Governor Office of Governor Charlie Crist State of Florida The Capitol 400 S. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001 Residents of Florida, reject the laws that allow Citizens Property Insurance premiums increases of 10 annually for at least the next five years. We request the annulment of this law and a just new Bill to regulate all the insurance companies operating in the State of Florida. Sincerely, Name: Address:


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