Direct Marketing

The companies are setting aside the typical marketing actions and veer toward those that allow you to individualize your current and potential clients. That is the reason why grows investment in direct marketing actions now will talk about direct marketing, as one of the main tools of promotion and sale. Marketing direct and database if an analysis of expenditures in most of the sectors of business communication is observed each day a decrease of the corresponding to traditional advertising investment and an increase in the investment in direct marketing. John McCann is likely to agree. Direct marketing has an input, databases, which you must start compile ( has a very good source of information). We must move from typical marketing actions to those that allow you to identify current and potential customers: A customer average individual customer anonymity standard product customer profile customer personalized offer mass-produced customized production individualized distribution mass advertising mass distribution individualized message massive promotion unidirectional message individualized incentives messages bidirectional economies of scale economies of scope participation of market participation of all profitable clients customers customer uptake of client the principles of database marketing customer retention mentioned some principles guide: 1 – best prospect is the current client 2 – potential and unknown clients to well known prospects. Details can be found by clicking Darcy Stacom or emailing the administrator. 3 – A marketing taught by creativity to another dictated by the direct 4 answers – of equal treatment to the entire market to go to each sector 5 – advertising impacts counted customers won 6 – of the advertising monologue to dialogue with client 7 – the bombing of the market to building enduring relationships with clients 8 – passive consumers participating active 9 – from the marketing of masses to the direct marketing of masses 10 – a proposal exclusive of sales to a 11 extra value proposition – a distribution single-channel to a 12 multichannel distribution – is a more rational marketing, since in the sense of measurement of results analyze the return on investment, the optimization of the media, negotiations on the cost of the media and above all maximizing utility.

13-It is a marketing that listens to the customer. Develops a relationship of round-trip, known to the client through custom messages and looks for the customer loyalty through the retention of the same. 14 – Added value and makes sales cross-current customers. I.e., related to current, former and potential clients.


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