All that we are dedicated to the industry of the Networkmarketing, we know that for the promotion, the tool that we use is advertising, either to promote us us or our business. Do once we have all the tools running and our systems to point comes time to use it, but here is us a dilemma, we are going to use paid or free advertising? Normally initiates in the Online Business choose for free advertising, ads on free sites, YouTube videos, etc.., and others already with some experience by advertising for payment, whose system is pay per click (PPC), google, Yahoo etc however it smart is to take the best of each one: in free advertising I recommend forgetting of classified ads sites, although some leaders to endeavor in that it is a place to start, even if we decide to pay for highlighting our and that protrude from the rest, on the first page of the website in question, it is a loss total of time and money, put ads in the MLM industry, does absolutely nothing, say it from my own experience. In addition to giving an image little professional and scarce resources, they do not appeal to our target audience, it is what makes a considerable number of those who say call professional Networker, the only thing they do is planting you your business opportunity in the face, without adding any value. We must not forget also the Marketing with articles, this mode of advertising 100 100 free every day cobra more strength, a good article with information relevant to our target audience, is a new source of traffic to our Web sites, also you positioned as an expert in your sector in the search engines. Now, centremonos videos, today represent a very powerful marketing tool since its virality in social networks (YouTube, facebook, twitter) is very high, if the video is relevant to our niche market, and provides value. Also the latest trends advocate very strong social networks.

Advertising payment, today google is the search for excellence, already picked that Yahoo and msn will have up, any networker of the MLM industry or any industry, know that google adwords is the tool that needs to be promoted on the Internet and to publicize to the world the activity carried out. We won’t go into details since adwords in a science, and achieve optimal results with a relevant ad is quite an achievement, of which it can be proud. Optimisation of keywords for your niche market, they will make your listings to be positioned in the top positions of search engines, and make visits to your website or system to multiply.The strategies to be followed vary according to the objectives of each. Back have been already old and obsolete systems put ads in newspapers (that still there are), distribute brochures, calls in cold, etc, etc.Today thanks to new technologies and the Internet, we do not need to use them. Thus, uniting videos on Internet and google adwords on the other, on the one hand have a few systems effective and cheap, today use intelligently.


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